Most people associate fading with ultraviolet. It is easy to understand why you might assume that a window film product with a 98% or 99% ultraviolet rejection rate could eliminate fading in your home. However, since other factors contribute to fading, more information needs to be presented.

It is very important to understand that ultraviolet contributes only 40% to the fading problem. Visible light contributes 25% and solar energy (heat) contributes another 25%, resulting in a full 50% contribution to the problem. The remaining 10% of what causes fading is directly tied to the quality, or lack of quality, of the dyes used in furnishings, fabric, and carpet. Knowing this makes it easy to see why topping only the ultraviolet will not eliminate fading. No solar control window film product is guaranteed to stop or cure a fading problem. However, professional quality window film can significantly reduce fading caused by ultraviolet, visible light and solar energy. The degree of protection you obtain is closely tied to the type of film you select.

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