Good for: Solar Protection, UV Block, Glare Reduction, High Heat Reduction, Anti-Fading

The patented Quantum tints are fully metallized for maximum heat control and color stability. Unlike conventional tints which comprise dyed layers, Quantum tints are warranted to never change color for the life of your office or building in commercial applications.

Quantum tints offer high heat and glare rejection and are available in safety tint thicknesses for the added protection against accidental breakage or forced entry. Quantum tints also offer low reflectivity so you won’t have to live with a mirror look day or night.

Quantum Films offers you:

  • Rejects 99% ultraviolet rays to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring
  • Never change color
  • High heat and glare reduction
  • Comes in Safety Film as well
  • Low reflectivity

Comes in Quantum 20 and 10.

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