Good for: Heat reduction, UV Ray block, Energy Efficient, Energy Savings, Fading Prevention, Clear Visibility, Carbon Negative

Silver AG window films can reduce winter heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into your building/home and reduces hotspots in your building/home during the summer months, which results in improved year-round occupant comfort.


Low E window film can reduce your home’s energy consumption during both cold and warm periods, providing year round energy and cost savings. The specialized low e coating on Silver AG Low E window film provides your home with exceptional benefits including:

  • Reduces winter heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into your home
  • Reduces the need for interior cooling during the summer months
  • Improved year-round comfort inside your home

Silver AG 50

Low E lets in more natural light than other low emissivity (low e) window film products, resulting in:

  • Increased daylighting benefits over other insulating window treatments
  • Reduced need for interior lighting during the day
  • Superior interior and exterior views

Silver AG films offers you:

  • More comfortable temperatures in every season, day and night.
  • Increases year-round energy savings
  • Rejects 99% ultraviolet rays to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring
  • Carbon Negative, decrease your carbon footprint
  • Low interior visible reflectance, high visible light transmittance

Silver AG comes in: Silver AG 50 Low E and Silver AG 25 Low E.

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