Good for: UV Block, Scratch-Resistant, Tint, Glare Reduction, Solar Protection

The Solar Gard Stainless Steel series is a widely accepted solar-solution for buildings around the globe. These tints are grey-toned with a low reflective quality that makes them a natural complement to most interior and exterior color schemes. The stainless steel metal, laminating adhesives and scratch-resistant coating used in this tint series provide high performance, durability and longevity – making it the preferred choice of many..

Stainless Steel offers you:

  • Rejects 99% ultraviolet rays to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring
  • Scratch Resistant coating
  • 47%-75% Total Solar Energy rejected. Percentages vary on film selected.


Stainless Steel offers a variety of films such as 50, 35, 30, 20, 10, and 35.

Warranty: 12 years. See dealer for more information.

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